Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Real Hindu Stand?

I got the following message in a mail... Read my views following it

*********** Mailed Message Copy Pasted ******

ll Sree ll

Rethink New Year celebration on 31 st Dec, Celebrate it on Gudi Padwa! 

Nowadays, the young or the elderly all wish each other a 'Happy New Year' or send greetings on the night of 31st December. But as per our Hindu culture Gudi Padwa is the New Year. Hindus consider this as a prestigious event. There is no scientific or any other reason for celebrating New year on 1st January, but there are many reasons for doing so on Gudi Padwa.

Dear Hindus, do you accept your conversion for one day by celebrating  31 st Dec? 

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 What you can do on this day ?

On this day one can take note of the 'do's' and don'ts' given below -

1. Do not wish a fellow Hindu 'Happy New Year' either on 31st December or 1st January.
2. If a fellow Hindu greets you that way, take time to explain to him how this is wrong and impress upon him that Gudi Padwa is actually our new year.
3. Instead of sending New Year greetings to relatives and friends for 1st January, do it on Gudi Padwa.
4. Ensure that you pass on this valuable information to your near and dear ones, thus preventing them from sinning by celebrating New Year on a day other than our real new year.

5. Remember that ushering in the New Year on Gudi Padwa will help you develop pride in your religion, nation and language. 

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*********** My Views  ******

What an idea Sirji!!!

But one of my friends is Jain, one is Swaminarayan, one is Buddhist,  one is Sikh, I believe in Ramdeoji (Ranuja, Dist Pokhran, Rajasthan), my sister's family believe in Dariya Lal (if you remember the song "Ho Lal Meri Pat Rakhiyo Bhala Zule Lal, Sindhdi Da.... Sufi Saabash Kalandar, Dama dum Mast Kalandar). 

Could you please kindly suggest the new year days for each of them!!!! May I also expect the full list of subdivisions of Hindus!!!!!

I am sure, you are not celebrating the birthday of your brothers as they are not YOUR BIRTHDAY.

I am proud to say that I am Hindu because Hinduism encompasses all the other religions, that is why it is called the Sanatan Dharma too. Let us not be narrow minded and become a frog of a well. 

Let me be clear here that I do not tolerate the dadagiri of Muslims or Christian missionaries. I am against their unholy practices. As and when I get opportunity, I bring out my concern and do condemn their activity. But I will not follow any unholy path. If I do, there is no difference between followers of those religions and me.

I hope an open minded reading of this mail will bring you back to the right path of Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

Dinesh Karia

Respond to the writing on that website.....

I am Hindu and I liked most of the arguments made on this site. However, I could not answer the contradictions some people show in the writing. (1) the poster... British Left Bharat in 1947,..(still we are under) their influence, do not celebrate 1st January.... What should be my answer if my friends point out that "British also left English, the language of this site....?" (2) When a person converts.....we too are like converts to Christianity! If my friends parents adopt me, then I will respect them and will join their family celebrations. Does this mean that if I join a certain family in their celebration, I am adopted by the elders of that family?


Nil said...

I am agree with your thoughts. Actually people do brainwash for the sake of 3 Ps (Penny, Power, Position). It generally happens in India. Good examples are Raj Thackery, Bal Thackery and Karunanidhi (he's brainwashed people's mind in such a way that people from his state Hindi as well as people who speaks Hindi, but thanks to bollywood that helps to change that stupid mentality).

I am having one friend, he's more than brother to me and good thinker & wise guy but he's active participant of RSS. Now RSS has brainwashed him on the name of Hindutwa that one should not use Foreign Items(use swadeshi items only) so whenever we go out he doesn't have coke or any soft drink that is forien brand but he'll choose Frooti. Now he doesn't think that to manufacture that Frooti, the machinery or any resource was imported from foreign so it's not completely an Indian Product. So is the world. I can never convince him :(

Nice post..Keep Posting.. :)

Rahul said...

Simply superb! Not many know that Hinduism as a term was coined later.. we all follow 'sanatan dharm' Great views sir. I am impressed :)